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Manual Kobox

This is the manual of Kobox. To a quick introduction: Visit the Guide for beginners.


The mentors is a boxers whose has recruit new boxers tanks for their fan link Whenever one of your disciples collaborates with the development and maintenance of Kobox you get coins of reward that you can access Kobox VIP services.

The reasons for the pupil teacher system are as follows :
- On the one hand we want to publicize Kobox in a personal way. We believe that are the users themselves who must decide if Kobox pleases them and whether they wish to recommend it to their friends.
- On the other hand from Kobox intend to encourage the disciple relationship because we believe that improves the experience of game of new users. And it is that if we have someone who guide us and be able to help us in the beginning, we accelerate our learning.
- In addition, as in life itself, share opinions and experience with a disciple increases the motivation of the master are largely the evolution of his disciple and the achievements that this gets also the achievements of the teacher.

Vip Zone

Kobox is a completely free game so anyone can create your Boxer and begin to compete with the other participants without any restriction.

And although Kobox is not focused there is an option to cash to assist their development and maintenance.
We want to let you know that Kobox exists thanks to donations made by users allowing you to continue developing and maintaining the project.
Therefore to make a donation, as a reward for their collaboration we grant you special coins that can be used to enable different VIP options.

The purpose of the VIP option is to facilitate some aspects of Kobox. The VIP settings allow, for example: train during 8 hours instead of 4, give controlled access to a friend to help us or to leave prepared several days training...

Ultimately Kobox VIP options enhance the gaming experience by making more affordable aspects. In fact many of the VIP options are made tailored to those who have a very complicated schedules.

And finally, since Kobox we´d communicate our appreciation to all those users that have actively collaborated with the development and maintenance of Kobox. Through their work, they have made it possible to follow here sharing good times and making new friends. Thank you, thank you very much!