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Manual Kobox

This is the manual of Kobox. To a quick introduction: Visit the Guide for beginners.


Kobox is a game in which you have to train a virtual Boxer to compete with other boxers from around the world and obtain glory, fame and fortune.

Kobox is quite simple so a few days you will learn all the basics. You can play Kobox even if you just log in once or twice a day (and if I hurry up to connecting just a couple of days a week).

Kobox challenge lies in fostering a healthy competition between the boxers that will need to demonstrate that you can do better than the rest. And if you fail it the first don´t give up, get ready and asks the rematch!

With the passage of time rest assured that you will meet many people already that some of your competitors will also become your adventure mates.

Ultimately in Kobox you´ll get into the skin of a boxer with you defy other boxers to become the champion.

Your Decisions

Your task is to improve all of the qualities of your Boxer, reshape your body, learn new strokes and create the strategy to beat your rivals. You get income from your fans, sign advertising contracts, you get a slice of the box office and invest it in tattoo you body to obtain improvements, a diet, buy equipment and for most importantly, train.

Because in Kobox the decisions you make endure over time so you must draw your long-term strategy.
If you want to have glory, fame and fortune you will have to sweat your Boxer!

My recommendation

The best advice we can give you is to read the manual. You don´t have to read it whole at once. Reading the first chapters you do a fairly rough idea about how to play. The other advice I would give you is to ask any questions you have in the forum. With the safe while you will have until your own suggestions, share them!

There is one thing on which we insist you To give to you and to everyone the best experience in Kobox, there are rules of conduct to follow very simple which you can find in: Normative resume.


Each boxer has 8 basic qualities, although there are also some additional factors which, in different situations, affect their performance. Let us first summarize the different skills:

Force improves the damage caused our shock but also increases resistance to consume.

The rapidity allows to beat with major wise move and to block the blows of the rival.
To a lesser extent it increases the accuracy of our hit, our ability to dodge blows and also improves our success in kickbacks.

Agility allows you to hit more accurately (cleanly) and dodge the blows of the opponent.
To a lesser extent it improves our blow chance of success and our blocking of the opponent blows.

The stamina prevents that we get tired of throwing punches, and in addition increases our health and stamina regeneration during the combat breaks.
It also allows us to withstand more damage when they hit our body.

The shoulder musculature increases health, regeneration, and the resistance of the Boxer.
In addition it improves the swing of the boxer while he exchanges middle distance blows.

Chest Mus.
The torso musculature increases health, regeneration, and the resistance of the Boxer.
It is also essential to withstand the attacks of the opponent in exchanges of blows at close range.

Mus. Arms
The musculature of the arms increases health, regeneration, and the resistance of the boxer.
It also increases the efficiency of the Boxer to trade punches from long range.

Legs muscles
The muscles of the legs increases health regeneration and resistance fighter.
They also allow Boxer use his feet more effectively game.

The experience and health

The experience of your Boxer is determined by the fighting that has made. How many more official bouts make more experience you accumulate. To get a certain amount of experience Boxer level up.

To increase level you have access to new types of exercises and also improves your cache with the sponsors.
Also it is very important at the time of fighting since if you have more level than your rival the initial inicitiva improves.

Health is crucial in fighting since it indicates the ability to damage ´to the face´ that we are able to support. It improves muscle training. At the end of a match depending on the damage you receive your health will go down, but relax it will regenerate over time. If you hurry to cure it for return to fight you can heal you in the infirmary.

What is a good Boxer?

At a glance we can get an idea of how good is a boxer by visiting your profile. Here you can see its basic qualities and also the percentage that have about our Boxer. If his skill line is full, he is trained the same or better than you,

But you have to bear in mind that there are other factors that unseen to the naked eye as hits and guard that uses. To avoid any surprises, we recommend you visit his last fights.

Combat: Basic concepts

Matches are divided into rounds, at the same time each round is divided into actions in which a boxer takes the initiative. Depending on the competition, the number of rounds of fighting varies.

To determine the Boxer takes the initiative faces the ability to impose the pace of both (having more likely has more rhythm) being the winner which initiates the action. Once the boxer takes the initiative several things can happen, we list the high to low frequency:

- Boxer launches into attack and tries to hit the opponent either launching a coup or a combination.

- Boxer tries to dominate the situation by making use of his imposing physical technique for extra pace in the assault.

In addition there are special "contra-ritmo" actions that may appear during the fighting. For example your fan club fans bring you extra pace thanks to their chants of support or rival from slipping.

At the end of each round the Boxer rests and recovers part of their health and strength.

Combat: The rhythm

The rhythm is the ability that has your Boxer to impose its own style of combat and dominate the rival movements at the same time.
As already you´ve seen dominating the pace of a match it is very important since you get more opportunities to hit the opponent.

At the beginning of the match the rhythm of every Boxer is determined by several factors :
aspirante Being the applicant (the one who initiates the challenge) provides 1 initial rhythm.
experiencia You have higher level than the opponent contributes 1 initial rhythm.
fans Having the greatest number of fans the opponent contributes 1 initial rhythm.
titulos Be the current champion of a title officer provides 1 initial rhythm.
guardia Some ´unusual´ guards provide initial rate 1.
veterano You have in our "Second veteran" corner provides 1 initial rhythm.
euforicos Euphoric fans gives 1 extra rhythm.
dieta Comply with the weight of the category gives 1 initial rhythm in League matches.
campeon Be the current champion of the category gives 2 initial rhythm in League matches.
confiado To have won several times an official degree you can trust you, which gives you the applicant at the end of the title initial rate extra.

Throughout the match the rate varies depending on the development of each round. There are two types of rhythm. The general pace, that is the addition of your initial pace and the number of dominated rounds until the moment, and the round pace, that is your general pace added to the initiative obtained during the current round.

Remember that the boxer who manages to impose his rhythm during the round obtains 1 general rate and 6 decision points.

Combat: Hitting the rival

When the Boxer takes the initiative and attacks it faces its ability to dodge the opponent´s ability to hit.
Remember that the ability to hit is improved training mainly the speed of Boxer and secondarily training agility. Also get a bonus coming from hit training while improving the ability to Dodge mainly training agility and secondarily the speed. Also, if the opponent has a hit with the ability to use it to harass attempt to unbalance the opponent.

If the opponent is unable to dodge our coup attempt to block it with his guard, for that our ability to accurately hit against blocking ability is enfreta rival.
Remember that the ability to hit with precision is determined mainly by our agility and secondarily by our speed. You also get a bonus that comes from training hit while the ability to block is mainly improved quickly and secondarily with agility. In addition to getting a great bonus of the domain of the guard.

In the case that may not block hit receives the full impact damage. Our boxer will sometimes punch with full force, but most of the time, he wont, so dont freak out
Remember that the damage caused by the coup is determined by the strength of the Boxer and has a great bonus that depends on the hit and training base damage.

If instead the rival manages to dodge the coup attempt counterattacked. To obtain a kickback action is necessary to win the confrontation between the ability of counterattacked against the Dodge.
Remember that the ability to create opportunities against depends mainly on the speed hit and secondarily of the rapidity of the Boxer. Where to start one against, we get an extra bonus of beating that comes mainly from the speed of the coup.

If your Boxer can hit the opponent in the face the damage that causes him stripping health while if you hit him in the body does half damage and resistance is left.

Combat: Impose the pace

The development of muscle is crucial to achieve the mastery of combat through the physical dexterity.

To take the initiative, the Boxer can create actions of physical dexterity to impose its rhythm over the rival. The extra bond that is obtained of these actions is valid only for the disputed round. Some of the actions are:

- Game feet, footwork actions boxer who can make better use of the legs get 1 extra round pace.
- Interchange of blows a short distance, the trunk musculature is essential to endure oponents attacks and make his fall back , obtain 1 of timing extra in a round
- Exchange of blows to middle distance, shoulder musculature improves rolling Boxer allowing Boxer to resist for longer Exchange, gets 1 extra round pace.
- Exchange of blows over long distances, the arm muscles is essential to impose long-distance rate gets 1 bonus round.

The boxer with more physical skill in such situations is more likely to be imposed on the opponent. By winning a physical dexterity action you obtain 1 to te round pace.

In addition there are special actions which may appear during the fighting. Depending on the action will face one or another aspect of our Boxer. The bonds of these actions are valid only for disputed round. Some of the special actions are :

- Swollen sing their songs encouraging his fighter is more likely that the largest number of supporters and fans achieve hobby be heard and therefore do feel your backed boxer, getting the rhythm 1. Played in the stadium fights fans put more eager to encourage.

There is another type of special rate actions, the so-called "contra-ritmo" actions to avoid that a boxer ends up dominating all aspects of rhythm. In such actions the Boxer with slower pace in favor will try to break the rhythm of the opponent either with provocations or taking forces where they can.

Combat: Victory

To achieve victory over the ring being the best is not enough, let´s prove it!

Each time we hit the rival we cause them damage. If we hit enough will end up falling and once on the canvas will have to sacrifice some of their remaining resistance (if it has fallen by a blow to the face) or health (if it has fallen by a blow to the body) to rise. Failure to do battle will be over and you will be the winner by KO

If it manages to rise or are not able to topple him not to worry, there are tough boxers, you can still win the bout via decision. You can see the count at the end of each round. When you reach the last round the judges declared winner who has more points :

ritmo - 6 decision points are obtained by dominating the rhythm of the round.
ritmo - If your opponent imposes the rhythm of the round, you get 4 points for decision.
knock - Whenever it knocks the opponent 2 decision points are obtained.
saludpuntos - Whenever the face of rival is cleanly hit 2 decision points are obtained.
resispuntos - Whenever the body is hit cleanly rival 1 decision point is obtained.
ritmo - 2 decision points are obtained to be the fighter that further punishment has caused during the assault.
ritmo - As the boxer who has more health punished the rival during the assault 1 decision point is obtained.
ritmo - The fighter who have done more damage to his rival´s body during the round get 1 point to the decision.

In case of losing do not worry, you will be able to try again. It is better to prepare and wait for your opportunity that fight like crazy without even studying the opponent. With the time you will see how you find and fix your weakpoints and also discover the ones of your rival and take advantage of them.

Training :The Gym

The training is pilar Kobox base, you must not neglect it.
You need to book hours in a gym to train the Boxer. There are four gyms different, ordered from lowest to greatest efficiency: the neighborhood gym, gym in the capital, the national gymnasium and high performance gym. How many more stars has a gym is the bonus that brings to the exercises. For example the neighborhood gym has a star by providing a 1 x to exercise while high performance gym has four stars and therefore provides a x 4 the results of the exercise.

You must think that as good is the gym, more it´s going to cost booking hours, so many times is better train more hours in a gym with less level than few in a high level gym.

Training: Exercises

Once we have selected fitness training is as simple as selecting the exercise and the hours we are going to train.

Training defines your Boxer´s long term development, you must think through every exercise since each one gets better a different faculty. I recommend you refresh your memory with the benefits provided to improve one or another attribute in your Boxer, here. Then we shall detail what effects they have on the diet and the benefits that provide shock training:

- Some exercises modify your weight since they make you lose weight or gain weight. (The gym does not affect the bonus of weight loss or weight gain, is always x 1)
- The exercises that improve the blow coordination allow to hit with better chanche of success and prevent the counterattacks when combining the blow.
- Exercises that improve the precision of the blow can hit more accurately and avoid counterattacks by combining the coup.
- Exercises that improve the speed of the coup can counterattack the opponent while avoiding counterattacks by combining the coup.
- Exercises that improve hit minimum damage increase minimal damage that hit can cause.
- Exercises which improve the maximum damage of the coup increases the maximum hit can cause damage.

You must take into account that your Boxer trains not while it is boxing. There are no limits when it comes to train for what can be done 24 hours a day.

Another important part of the training is the diet. We recommend to follow a strict weight control to maximize your results since the fight depending on our weight and the rival we get an extra bonus to the chance of hitting (if you weigh less) or damage causing our hits (if weigh more). Also depending on the type of diet you follow improvements permanent some qualities and also you can temporarily improve your health and stamina regeneration during the fighting.

Training: the blows

The hits are the main tools of a boxer, in Kobox have a wide variety of: General punches from boxing, punches to harass, hits for counterattacked and combinations of boxing legends.

Each stroke has its own qualities and specialties, most of the qualities are trainable, just their benefits in detail a little further up.

Whenever you cast a blow consume you resistance, if at some point during the battle, you agotas your endurance shock will do very little damage

On the other hand specialties provide bonuses to hit and are likely to appear during hit RoboCupRescue. Some specialities add a bonus to de damage when you hit the face, the body or with a counterattack. Otras mejoran la probabilidad de golpear en determinadas situaciones y otras reducen su consumo de resistencia.

Note that shock may have a front, side or mixed path (both). The path indicates the zone where can have an impact, something essential to cause more damage when rival block some of our hits.

In addition, the blows feature a fixed range zone: short, medium or long. Depending on your rank you obtain extra bonus in certain actions of physical domain.

Some shots have the specialty of harass. Having one of these hits enabled allows you to harass rivals to reduce their chances of beating. There are also shots that will only be lanzandos for counterattacked and punches that are only released in combination (several followed).

In principle all the hits are released either with the left or right either the body or the face of the opponent but there are some cases in which are released only with a certain hand and to a certain area.

Training: The guard

The guard is the protective stance that adopts your Boxer during combat. It allows you to absorb much of the damage of the shots that you can block.

Depending on the adopted guard you get a number of advantages when it comes to combat. Some guards promote defensive ability, other offensive capabilities, some improvement our initiative and others maintain the balance.

Each Guard has a different side and front absorptive capacity, some are focused on protecting the area above (face) and other bottom (the body). They can also focus its defence either to the front or side edge.

Depending on the domain of the guard, you get a bonus to your ability to lock. As much as your domination much is the bonification Depending on the guard your domain can be enhanced up to a certain amount. The domain climbs every day in the guard that we have designated as primary.

The equipment, tattoos and learning

To increase the performance of your Boxer, as well as invest in fitness and diet you must improve its equipment. Equip your Boxer with boots, gloves and panties improvements qualities for combat. You also have the ability to tattoo your Boxer to improve their qualities on a temporary basis. They can tattoo your arms, legs, torso, and shoulders. If you belong to a club also you can tattoo head.

The bonus given equipment and tattoos allow you to get the idea of the benefits that you would have to train these qualities It is also a quick way to strengthen the weak points of your Boxer or even enhance your style.

As you get higher income you can get objective learn new strokes, guards and boxing techniques. It is essential to become a legend.

Income: The office and sponsors

Depending on the type of competition and fans of both fighters come more or less fans to watch the match. Every fan that comes to the combat contributes with $ 1 at the box office. 50% of revenue is split equally between the boxers (25% each) The rest 25% goes to the club owner of the stadium and the other 25% is what is the organization. Although the prize you get the champion is added in certain competitions like the title or tournament.

In addition to perceiving the match gains, that won´t be too much at first, you have sponsorship offers. By signing with a sponsor gets $ x each time. To improve the $ per hour, you have to upload category and level.

Finally you can try their luck in betting room. Weekly held a pool in which you can bet by the applicant or the current champion of the different titles. If you have matched the final result you can earn a small fortune.


As you´ve already seen the fans encourage you during the fighting and pay to see you but in addition also reported you income every day thanks to the "merchandising".

Winning battles upgrades the "hobby" of fans. A high hobby attracts new followers but you must be careful since they are a bit capricious If you start to lose many battles the fans down and little by little you will abandon your fans.

Also for extra fans you can share with your friends your profile boxer or link fans. And if any of your friends also points to Kobox thanks to your link´s fans will be designated as your disciple and you will get rewards.


The mentors is a boxers whose has recruit new boxers tanks for their fan link Whenever one of your disciples collaborates with the development and maintenance of Kobox you get coins of reward that you can access Kobox VIP services.

The reasons for the pupil teacher system are as follows :
- On the one hand we want to publicize Kobox in a personal way. We believe that are the users themselves who must decide if Kobox pleases them and whether they wish to recommend it to their friends.
- On the other hand from Kobox intend to encourage the disciple relationship because we believe that improves the experience of game of new users. And it is that if we have someone who guide us and be able to help us in the beginning, we accelerate our learning.
- In addition, as in life itself, share opinions and experience with a disciple increases the motivation of the master are largely the evolution of his disciple and the achievements that this gets also the achievements of the teacher.

Vip Zone

Kobox is a completely free game so anyone can create your Boxer and begin to compete with the other participants without any restriction.

And although Kobox is not focused there is an option to cash to assist their development and maintenance.
We want to let you know that Kobox exists thanks to donations made by users allowing you to continue developing and maintaining the project.
Therefore to make a donation, as a reward for their collaboration we grant you special coins that can be used to enable different VIP options.

The purpose of the VIP option is to facilitate some aspects of Kobox. The VIP settings allow, for example: train during 8 hours instead of 4, give controlled access to a friend to help us or to leave prepared several days training...

Ultimately Kobox VIP options enhance the gaming experience by making more affordable aspects. In fact many of the VIP options are made tailored to those who have a very complicated schedules.

And finally, since Kobox we´d communicate our appreciation to all those users that have actively collaborated with the development and maintenance of Kobox. Through their work, they have made it possible to follow here sharing good times and making new friends. Thank you, thank you very much!