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Manual Kobox

This is the manual of Kobox. To a quick introduction: Visit the Guide for beginners.

Training: Exercises

Once we have selected fitness training is as simple as selecting the exercise and the hours we are going to train.

Training defines your Boxer´s long term development, you must think through every exercise since each one gets better a different faculty. I recommend you refresh your memory with the benefits provided to improve one or another attribute in your Boxer, here. Then we shall detail what effects they have on the diet and the benefits that provide shock training:

- Some exercises modify your weight since they make you lose weight or gain weight. (The gym does not affect the bonus of weight loss or weight gain, is always x 1)
- The exercises that improve the blow coordination allow to hit with better chanche of success and prevent the counterattacks when combining the blow.
- Exercises that improve the precision of the blow can hit more accurately and avoid counterattacks by combining the coup.
- Exercises that improve the speed of the coup can counterattack the opponent while avoiding counterattacks by combining the coup.
- Exercises that improve hit minimum damage increase minimal damage that hit can cause.
- Exercises which improve the maximum damage of the coup increases the maximum hit can cause damage.

You must take into account that your Boxer trains not while it is boxing. There are no limits when it comes to train for what can be done 24 hours a day.

Another important part of the training is the diet. We recommend to follow a strict weight control to maximize your results since the fight depending on our weight and the rival we get an extra bonus to the chance of hitting (if you weigh less) or damage causing our hits (if weigh more). Also depending on the type of diet you follow improvements permanent some qualities and also you can temporarily improve your health and stamina regeneration during the fighting.

Training: the blows

The hits are the main tools of a boxer, in Kobox have a wide variety of: General punches from boxing, punches to harass, hits for counterattacked and combinations of boxing legends.

Each stroke has its own qualities and specialties, most of the qualities are trainable, just their benefits in detail a little further up.

Whenever you cast a blow consume you resistance, if at some point during the battle, you agotas your endurance shock will do very little damage

On the other hand specialties provide bonuses to hit and are likely to appear during hit RoboCupRescue. Some specialities add a bonus to de damage when you hit the face, the body or with a counterattack. Otras mejoran la probabilidad de golpear en determinadas situaciones y otras reducen su consumo de resistencia.

Note that shock may have a front, side or mixed path (both). The path indicates the zone where can have an impact, something essential to cause more damage when rival block some of our hits.

In addition, the blows feature a fixed range zone: short, medium or long. Depending on your rank you obtain extra bonus in certain actions of physical domain.

Some shots have the specialty of harass. Having one of these hits enabled allows you to harass rivals to reduce their chances of beating. There are also shots that will only be lanzandos for counterattacked and punches that are only released in combination (several followed).

In principle all the hits are released either with the left or right either the body or the face of the opponent but there are some cases in which are released only with a certain hand and to a certain area.

Training: The guard

The guard is the protective stance that adopts your Boxer during combat. It allows you to absorb much of the damage of the shots that you can block.

Depending on the adopted guard you get a number of advantages when it comes to combat. Some guards promote defensive ability, other offensive capabilities, some improvement our initiative and others maintain the balance.

Each Guard has a different side and front absorptive capacity, some are focused on protecting the area above (face) and other bottom (the body). They can also focus its defence either to the front or side edge.

Depending on the domain of the guard, you get a bonus to your ability to lock. As much as your domination much is the bonification Depending on the guard your domain can be enhanced up to a certain amount. The domain climbs every day in the guard that we have designated as primary.

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