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Manual Kobox

This is the manual of Kobox. To a quick introduction: Visit the Guide for beginners.

Combat: Basic concepts

Matches are divided into rounds, at the same time each round is divided into actions in which a boxer takes the initiative. Depending on the competition, the number of rounds of fighting varies.

To determine the Boxer takes the initiative faces the ability to impose the pace of both (having more likely has more rhythm) being the winner which initiates the action. Once the boxer takes the initiative several things can happen, we list the high to low frequency:

- Boxer launches into attack and tries to hit the opponent either launching a coup or a combination.

- Boxer tries to dominate the situation by making use of his imposing physical technique for extra pace in the assault.

In addition there are special "contra-ritmo" actions that may appear during the fighting. For example your fan club fans bring you extra pace thanks to their chants of support or rival from slipping.

At the end of each round the Boxer rests and recovers part of their health and strength.

Combat: The rhythm

The rhythm is the ability that has your Boxer to impose its own style of combat and dominate the rival movements at the same time.
As already you´ve seen dominating the pace of a match it is very important since you get more opportunities to hit the opponent.

At the beginning of the match the rhythm of every Boxer is determined by several factors :
aspirante Being the applicant (the one who initiates the challenge) provides 1 initial rhythm.
experiencia You have higher level than the opponent contributes 1 initial rhythm.
fans Having the greatest number of fans the opponent contributes 1 initial rhythm.
titulos Be the current champion of a title officer provides 1 initial rhythm.
guardia Some ´unusual´ guards provide initial rate 1.
veterano You have in our "Second veteran" corner provides 1 initial rhythm.
euforicos Euphoric fans gives 1 extra rhythm.
dieta Comply with the weight of the category gives 1 initial rhythm in League matches.
campeon Be the current champion of the category gives 2 initial rhythm in League matches.
confiado To have won several times an official degree you can trust you, which gives you the applicant at the end of the title initial rate extra.

Throughout the match the rate varies depending on the development of each round. There are two types of rhythm. The general pace, that is the addition of your initial pace and the number of dominated rounds until the moment, and the round pace, that is your general pace added to the initiative obtained during the current round.

Remember that the boxer who manages to impose his rhythm during the round obtains 1 general rate and 6 decision points.

Combat: Hitting the rival

When the Boxer takes the initiative and attacks it faces its ability to dodge the opponent´s ability to hit.
Remember that the ability to hit is improved training mainly the speed of Boxer and secondarily training agility. Also get a bonus coming from hit training while improving the ability to Dodge mainly training agility and secondarily the speed. Also, if the opponent has a hit with the ability to use it to harass attempt to unbalance the opponent.

If the opponent is unable to dodge our coup attempt to block it with his guard, for that our ability to accurately hit against blocking ability is enfreta rival.
Remember that the ability to hit with precision is determined mainly by our agility and secondarily by our speed. You also get a bonus that comes from training hit while the ability to block is mainly improved quickly and secondarily with agility. In addition to getting a great bonus of the domain of the guard.

In the case that may not block hit receives the full impact damage. Our boxer will sometimes punch with full force, but most of the time, he wont, so dont freak out
Remember that the damage caused by the coup is determined by the strength of the Boxer and has a great bonus that depends on the hit and training base damage.

If instead the rival manages to dodge the coup attempt counterattacked. To obtain a kickback action is necessary to win the confrontation between the ability of counterattacked against the Dodge.
Remember that the ability to create opportunities against depends mainly on the speed hit and secondarily of the rapidity of the Boxer. Where to start one against, we get an extra bonus of beating that comes mainly from the speed of the coup.

If your Boxer can hit the opponent in the face the damage that causes him stripping health while if you hit him in the body does half damage and resistance is left.

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