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Manual Kobox

This is the manual of Kobox. To a quick introduction: Visit the Guide for beginners.

The equipment, tattoos and learning

To increase the performance of your Boxer, as well as invest in fitness and diet you must improve its equipment. Equip your Boxer with boots, gloves and panties improvements qualities for combat. You also have the ability to tattoo your Boxer to improve their qualities on a temporary basis. They can tattoo your arms, legs, torso, and shoulders. If you belong to a club also you can tattoo head.

The bonus given equipment and tattoos allow you to get the idea of the benefits that you would have to train these qualities It is also a quick way to strengthen the weak points of your Boxer or even enhance your style.

As you get higher income you can get objective learn new strokes, guards and boxing techniques. It is essential to become a legend.

Income: The office and sponsors

Depending on the type of competition and fans of both fighters come more or less fans to watch the match. Every fan that comes to the combat contributes with $ 1 at the box office. 50% of revenue is split equally between the boxers (25% each) The rest 25% goes to the club owner of the stadium and the other 25% is what is the organization. Although the prize you get the champion is added in certain competitions like the title or tournament.

In addition to perceiving the match gains, that won´t be too much at first, you have sponsorship offers. By signing with a sponsor gets $ x each time. To improve the $ per hour, you have to upload category and level.

Finally you can try their luck in betting room. Weekly held a pool in which you can bet by the applicant or the current champion of the different titles. If you have matched the final result you can earn a small fortune.


As you´ve already seen the fans encourage you during the fighting and pay to see you but in addition also reported you income every day thanks to the "merchandising".

Winning battles upgrades the "hobby" of fans. A high hobby attracts new followers but you must be careful since they are a bit capricious If you start to lose many battles the fans down and little by little you will abandon your fans.

Also for extra fans you can share with your friends your profile boxer or link fans. And if any of your friends also points to Kobox thanks to your link´s fans will be designated as your disciple and you will get rewards.

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