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Manual Kobox

This is the manual of Kobox. To a quick introduction: Visit the Guide for beginners.


Each boxer has 8 basic qualities, although there are also some additional factors which, in different situations, affect their performance. Let us first summarize the different skills:

Force improves the damage caused our shock but also increases resistance to consume.

The rapidity allows to beat with major wise move and to block the blows of the rival.
To a lesser extent it increases the accuracy of our hit, our ability to dodge blows and also improves our success in kickbacks.

Agility allows you to hit more accurately (cleanly) and dodge the blows of the opponent.
To a lesser extent it improves our blow chance of success and our blocking of the opponent blows.

The stamina prevents that we get tired of throwing punches, and in addition increases our health and stamina regeneration during the combat breaks.
It also allows us to withstand more damage when they hit our body.

The shoulder musculature increases health, regeneration, and the resistance of the Boxer.
In addition it improves the swing of the boxer while he exchanges middle distance blows.

Chest Mus.
The torso musculature increases health, regeneration, and the resistance of the Boxer.
It is also essential to withstand the attacks of the opponent in exchanges of blows at close range.

Mus. Arms
The musculature of the arms increases health, regeneration, and the resistance of the boxer.
It also increases the efficiency of the Boxer to trade punches from long range.

Legs muscles
The muscles of the legs increases health regeneration and resistance fighter.
They also allow Boxer use his feet more effectively game.

The experience and health

The experience of your Boxer is determined by the fighting that has made. How many more official bouts make more experience you accumulate. To get a certain amount of experience Boxer level up.

To increase level you have access to new types of exercises and also improves your cache with the sponsors.
Also it is very important at the time of fighting since if you have more level than your rival the initial inicitiva improves.

Health is crucial in fighting since it indicates the ability to damage ´to the face´ that we are able to support. It improves muscle training. At the end of a match depending on the damage you receive your health will go down, but relax it will regenerate over time. If you hurry to cure it for return to fight you can heal you in the infirmary.

What is a good Boxer?

At a glance we can get an idea of how good is a boxer by visiting your profile. Here you can see its basic qualities and also the percentage that have about our Boxer. If his skill line is full, he is trained the same or better than you,

But you have to bear in mind that there are other factors that unseen to the naked eye as hits and guard that uses. To avoid any surprises, we recommend you visit his last fights.

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