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Guide for beginners

This is the quick-Kobox. For more information: Visit the manual.

Guide for beginners

tu boxeador

Kobox you´re Boxer and therefore are in charge of decisions. Your mission is to plan the strategy for each match, decide what the Boxer is going to train, select techniques that will learn and organize when you climb into the ring to fight.

You have to beat your rivals for glory, fame and fortune do you want to be the strongest boxer of the world?

The Training

tu entrenamiento

Training defines your Boxer long term development since each exercise improves a different faculty:

- Training to improve strength allow more damage on hit.
- The workouts that improve speed allow strike with greater success.
- The trainings which improves agility allow us to dodge the blows.
- Workouts that improve resistance allow to endure more body blows.
- Workouts which improve the musculature increase the health of the boxer.

Since you just start have little to choose from, so please select the exercises that most please you.
Each exercise requires that Boxer train for 1 hour. For each completed exercise Boxer increases its qualities permanently.

Also depending on the diet you follow, you get different bonuses, some are permanent and other storms. We recommend choosing foods with best permanent bond since the improvement is immediate.