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Guide for beginners

This is the quick-Kobox. For more information: Visit the manual.


tu club

As you earn achievements clubs will be fixed on you and will offer you to enter.
Joining a club has its advantages:

- You relate yourself with other boxers in the Forum.
- You get the benefits of personnel who are contracted to the club.
- You can purchase hits and special guards.
- You will participate in tournaments and even compete against other clubs.

Tu destino

tus logros

When developing your Boxer you must plot a strategy long term rather than stick only to the present. The future of your Boxer will depend on the style that you want to develop and the constancy of follow your own plan.

Set yourself achievable goals: get a blow, A Guard, improve certain quality. Don´t want to do it all in one day. It must be prepared, be patient and take advantage of the opportune moment.

As you combatas with other boxers, you will be able to understand your own weaknesses. Let experience be your most powerful weapon. Chat with other boxers and above all know a friendly rival. The great champions learn both victories and defeats.