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Guide for beginners

This is the quick-Kobox. For more information: Visit the manual.

Basic concepts of fighting

tu combate

To simplify, we could say that fighting simulation is performed in two steps.

Your own pace faces to the rhythm of the opponent to decide who takes the initiative to attack (being more likely to take the initiative that has a best rate). The initial rate is the more important is for the initiative but to take combat the rhythm determined by the domain of each round. In addition it will be also influenced by special actions. By taking the initiative, your Boxer throws a punch or combination and then the opponent will have to Dodge or block.

If you dodge the coup may counterattack while blocking it will absorb much of the damage with the guard. If you are unable to or Dodge or block receives hit cleanly and cause more damage.

Win the fight

tu victoria

There are two ways to win a match, winning ahead of time knocking out the opponent or exhausting time and win by decision of the judges.

To win by K.O. you must hit the opponent until you can not lift off. Should you tumbes it and it will stand up you need to knock out the opponent three times in the same assault or four throughout the fight to declare the K.O.T.

If neither fighter able to end the fight on the fast track by KO, the judges who will decide the winner, his decision is based on points:

ritmo - 6 decision points are obtained by dominating the rhythm of the round.
ritmo - If your opponent imposes the rhythm of the round, you get 4 points for decision.
knock - Whenever it knocks the opponent 2 decision points are obtained.
saludpuntos - Whenever the face of rival is cleanly hit 2 decision points are obtained.
resispuntos - Whenever the body is hit cleanly rival 1 decision point is obtained.
ritmo - 2 decision points are obtained to be the fighter that further punishment has caused during the assault.
ritmo - As the boxer who has more health punished the rival during the assault 1 decision point is obtained.
ritmo - The fighter who have done more damage to his rival´s body during the round get 1 point to the decision.

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