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104.59 lb.







+ 100 %

Experience (Level 250)

+ 2.2 %











Chest Mus.


Mus. Arms


Legs muscles


Personal Description

Si te gusta Kobox tal vez te guste :D !!


Fj2008 ""Weight Heavyweight, 531º"" (Level 24)
Franxx ""Weight Light Flyweight, 374º"" (Level 16)
Curtis ""Weight Amateur, 576º"" (Level 15)
for_ever_alone ""Weight Super Flyweight, 19º"" (Level 13)
Hadouken ""Weight Mini Flyweight, 1,781º"" (Level 11)
Elprincipe_Vegueta ""Weight Amateur XI, 385º"" (Level 11)
Freddy_Frazier ""Weight Amateur IV, 503º"" (Level 10)
Petrelli ""Weight Amateur, 28º"" (Level 10)
Lickeon ""Weight Amateur III, 102º"" (Level 9)
Covid_19 ""Weight Amateur XIII, 343º"" (Level 9)
Astros ""Weight Amateur X, 210º"" (Level 9)
H0RUX ""Weight Amateur VII, 933º"" (Level 8)
ProbandoChat ""Weight Super Flyweight, 287º"" (Level 8)
senior_m ""Weight Amateur XIII, 227º"" (Level 8)
Supercoco ""Weight Super Flyweight, 135º"" (Level 8)
Dean_Ambrose ""Weight Amateur XI, 412º"" (Level 8)
Zapatero ""Weight Flyweight, 222º"" (Level 8)
Masto ""Weight Mini Flyweight, 1,214º"" (Level 7)
Leonelsilva ""Weight Mini Flyweight, 1,143º"" (Level 7)
Muhammad_Ali ""Weight Mini Flyweight, 1,334º"" (Level 7)
worbairon ""Weight Mini Flyweight, 1,555º"" (Level 7)
Froggen ""Weight Amateur VI, 401º"" (Level 7)
Baldon ""Weight Flyweight, 260º"" (Level 7)
balacrt ""Weight Amateur XI, 991º"" (Level 6)
Isaias_Caicedo ""Weight Amateur IX, 201º"" (Level 6)
Burbura ""Weight Mini Flyweight, 1,114º"" (Level 6)
hisoka22 ""Weight Amateur XIII, 90º"" (Level 6)
P0oLLo0P ""Weight Amateur XI, 427º"" (Level 6)
loorenzo ""Weight Amateur X, 660º"" (Level 5)
ElmejordeKobox ""Weight Amateur IX, 807º"" (Level 5)
LittleMac ""Weight Amateur IX, 75º"" (Level 5)
Lars_Mantyla ""Weight Amateur XIII, 13º"" (Level 5)
CaponeBangBang ""Weight Amateur IV, 11º"" (Level 4)
mati_laserpiente ""Weight Amateur III, 423º"" (Level 4)
bevito54 ""Weight Amateur XI, 876º"" (Level 4)
Niicka ""Weight Amateur XIV, 120º"" (Level 4)
bevito12 ""Weight Amateur X, 860º"" (Level 4)
TigreNegro ""Weight Amateur X, 296º"" (Level 4)
GoodFella ""Weight Amateur XIV, 215º"" (Level 4)
Darkwatch ""Weight Amateur IX, 183º"" (Level 4)
VideoTutorialKobox ""Weight Amateur X, 681º"" (Level 4)
Albert_ ""Weight Amateur X, 359º"" (Level 4)
MLegion ""Weight Mini Flyweight, 439º"" (Level 3)
Kid_Cantalupi ""Weight Amateur XII, 933º"" (Level 3)
Seeerch ""Weight Amateur XIII, 616º"" (Level 3)
Indomita_Games ""Weight Amateur XV, 117º"" (Level 3)
xorolazo ""Weight Mini Flyweight, 1,710º"" (Level 3)
elmaestroko ""Weight Amateur V, 415º"" (Level 3)
Carie_Punta ""Weight Amateur IX, 189º"" (Level 3)
Mily_Luz ""Weight Amateur XIV, 823º"" (Level 3)
snow_ewe ""Weight Amateur XIV, 238º"" (Level 3)
Alex_Smith ""Weight Amateur XIV, 323º"" (Level 3)
Cheetah ""Weight Amateur VIII, 104º"" (Level 3)
mafficsr ""Weight Amateur XI, 244º"" (Level 3)
BlueDemon ""Weight Amateur XIII, 585º"" (Level 3)
waaaala1 ""Weight Amateur XV, 27º"" (Level 3)
Itzel_hernandez ""Weight Amateur XIV, 817º"" (Level 3)
GranPkt3 ""Weight Mini Flyweight, 2,351º"" (Level 3)
waaaazabi ""Weight Amateur IV, 880º"" (Level 3)
Rhyno ""Weight Amateur XIII, 1,028º"" (Level 3)
Garrita4 ""Weight Amateur XIII, 933º"" (Level 3)
Yuuichi ""Weight Amateur XIV, 432º"" (Level 3)
bierhoff ""Weight Amateur XIV, 269º"" (Level 3)
Barrantes ""Weight Amateur V, 735º"" (Level 3)
Daniel1112 ""Weight Amateur VIII, 122º"" (Level 3)
SrChiki ""Weight Amateur XIII, 514º"" (Level 3)
Eneko_Negrete ""Weight Amateur XV, 62º"" (Level 3)
Manu99 ""Weight Amateur XIV, 617º"" (Level 3)
Rob_Mars ""Weight Amateur XIV, 611º"" (Level 3)
Kassis_romero ""Weight Amateur XIV, 794º"" (Level 3)
Panzer_6_Tiger ""Weight Amateur XIV, 749º"" (Level 3)
Wotonello ""Weight Amateur VI, 69º"" (Level 3)
DaliiSs_Aar ""Weight Amateur XIV, 84º"" (Level 3)
Armando_Gaviria ""Weight Amateur XIV, 105º"" (Level 3)
Shilo__ ""Weight Amateur XIV, 127º"" (Level 3)
Andres_Mendoza ""Weight Amateur XIV, 182º"" (Level 3)
Bett_Botello_ ""Weight Amateur XIV, 597º"" (Level 3)
Josuee_Herreras ""Weight Amateur XIV, 831º"" (Level 3)
maximus7 ""Weight Amateur V, 793º"" (Level 3)
lidecco ""Weight Amateur XIV, 420º"" (Level 3)
Brando_Jaren ""Weight Amateur XIV, 96º"" (Level 3)
worldmile ""Weight Amateur XV, 335º"" (Level 3)
alcachofa8989 ""Weight Amateur XIV, 466º"" (Level 3)
hatake ""Weight Amateur X, 224º"" (Level 2)
Vinnnie ""Weight Amateur XIV, 464º"" (Level 2)
Dilan_Villagomez ""Weight Amateur XV, 267º"" (Level 2)
Super_Cuate ""Weight Amateur XIV, 538º"" (Level 2)
Anibal_Guio ""Weight Amateur XV, 381º"" (Level 2)
__kobox__ ""Weight Amateur, 29º"" (Level 2)
AntJan ""Weight Amateur XIV, 64º"" (Level 2)
cobox ""Weight Amateur XII, 706º"" (Level 2)
Gohanssj2 ""Weight Limbo, 365º"" (Level 2)
RaZ3f ""Weight Amateur XIV, 599º"" (Level 2)
Kobox_100 ""Weight Amateur V, 751º"" (Level 2)
CCerditoFFeliz ""Weight Amateur XIV, 453º"" (Level 2)
El_hursters ""Weight Amateur XIV, 544º"" (Level 2)
k0b0x ""Weight Amateur, 62º"" (Level 2)
Gennadi_Golovkin ""Weight Amateur XIII, 444º"" (Level 2)
David_Hida ""Weight Amateur XV, 56º"" (Level 2)
Jamesvik ""Weight Amateur XVI, 545º"" (Level 2)
BabosaBoxeadora ""Weight Amateur XII, 95º"" (Level 2)
NombreMuyOriginal ""Weight Amateur XIV, 91º"" (Level 2)
Ffer_gamer ""Weight Amateur XIV, 572º"" (Level 2)
Temuyin ""Weight Amateur XV, 232º"" (Level 2)
_Ricardo_Martinez_ ""Weight Amateur XIV, 372º"" (Level 2)
_Kobox_ ""Weight Amateur II, 915º"" (Level 2)
EmmanuelJREYNA ""Weight Amateur XIV, 366º"" (Level 2)
Zoldick ""Weight Amateur XIV, 705º"" (Level 2)
GuatonPlay ""Weight Amateur XVI, 211º"" (Level 2)
tutascor ""Weight Limbo, 14º"" (Level 1)
Juantors ""Weight Limbo, 367º"" (Level 1)
kevin_ayala ""Weight Limbo, 716º"" (Level 1)
dracooo ""Weight Limbo, 754º"" (Level 1)
borisxd ""Weight Limbo, 776º"" (Level 1)
black_terrible ""Weight Limbo, 822º"" (Level 1)
Ant__home ""Weight Limbo, 813º"" (Level 1)
sTraka ""Weight Limbo, 853º"" (Level 1)
CRAZYOFDEADH ""Weight Limbo, 859º"" (Level 1)
KKIINNGG ""Weight Limbo, 882º"" (Level 1)
Arturo_gameplays ""Weight Limbo, 887º"" (Level 1)
danibb ""Weight Limbo, 916º"" (Level 1)
NU7R1A ""Weight Amateur XIV, 647º"" (Level 1)
N1c0l1n0_L0cch3 ""Weight Amateur XVI, 541º"" (Level 1)
Ricardowah ""Weight Amateur XVI, 555º"" (Level 1)
HansSa ""Weight Limbo, 1,187º"" (Level 1)
JepillAccic ""Weight Limbo, 1,196º"" (Level 1)
rocky_creed ""Weight Amateur XVI, 580º"" (Level 1)
perdigon_13 ""Weight Limbo, 141º"" (Level 1)
acrivillador ""Weight Limbo, 211º"" (Level 1)
Darksoul12 ""Weight Limbo, 508º"" (Level 1)
Naguireanos ""Weight Limbo, 677º"" (Level 1)
lelrex ""Weight Limbo, 738º"" (Level 1)
baptista33 ""Weight Limbo, 766º"" (Level 1)
juanrenato ""Weight Limbo, 795º"" (Level 1)
ZetaZero9 ""Weight Limbo, 783º"" (Level 1)
Seba93 ""Weight Limbo, 874º"" (Level 1)
Cornica ""Weight Limbo, 843º"" (Level 1)
Roder ""Weight Limbo, 866º"" (Level 1)
brenda_uwu ""Weight Amateur XIV, 433º"" (Level 1)
Gonzaqa ""Weight Limbo, 894º"" (Level 1)
Rafitalllll ""Weight Limbo, 928º"" (Level 1)
BustaLover ""Weight Limbo, 920º"" (Level 1)
indusia ""Weight Limbo, 941º"" (Level 1)
kristyyi16 ""Weight Amateur XVI, 551º"" (Level 1)
joanneec16 ""Weight Amateur XVI, 547º"" (Level 1)
MurronavoP ""Weight Amateur XVI, 561º"" (Level 1)
AndreasSa ""Weight Limbo, 1,191º"" (Level 1)
Garisded ""Weight Limbo, 1,209º"" (Level 1)
elbiojorge ""Weight Amateur XIV, 809º"" (Level 1)
anarco22 ""Weight Limbo, 702º"" (Level 1)
wituhu ""Weight Limbo, 764º"" (Level 1)
santiago13sn ""Weight Limbo, 788º"" (Level 1)
ositobimbo ""Weight Limbo, 824º"" (Level 1)
IvanoRompeAnos ""Weight Limbo, 846º"" (Level 1)
emiliogomez ""Weight Limbo, 858º"" (Level 1)
BolivarCity ""Weight Limbo, 869º"" (Level 1)
GGGgggg ""Weight Limbo, 881º"" (Level 1)
PelaoMaury ""Weight Limbo, 884º"" (Level 1)
diegoDIY ""Weight Limbo, 896º"" (Level 1)
fisting ""Weight Limbo, 930º"" (Level 1)
Jamesnhs ""Weight Limbo, 1,160º"" (Level 1)
haleyfn16 ""Weight Amateur XVI, 554º"" (Level 1)
zhoradomov ""Weight Limbo, 1,192º"" (Level 1)
DetlefSa ""Weight Limbo, 1,212º"" (Level 1)
Apokalist ""Weight Limbo, 1,205º"" (Level 1)
LightLady07 ""Weight Limbo, 117º"" (Level 1)
RockiMarciano ""Weight Limbo, 184º"" (Level 1)
San_Ta ""Weight Limbo, 723º"" (Level 1)
spooky ""Weight Limbo, 748º"" (Level 1)
Byjj99 ""Weight Limbo, 760º"" (Level 1)
BelDestructor21 ""Weight Limbo, 779º"" (Level 1)
MessiG45 ""Weight Limbo, 794º"" (Level 1)
Az179 ""Weight Limbo, 831º"" (Level 1)
Ernesto123 ""Weight Limbo, 854º"" (Level 1)
Rixis_Alexander ""Weight Limbo, 926º"" (Level 1)
SkovMC ""Weight Limbo, 879º"" (Level 1)
Dycon ""Weight Limbo, 888º"" (Level 1)
Samuel_Saller13 ""Weight Limbo, 908º"" (Level 1)
kibepro ""Weight Limbo, 918º"" (Level 1)
Leycalo_la_zorrita ""Weight Limbo, 984º"" (Level 1)
debbieze2 ""Weight Limbo, 1,168º"" (Level 1)
derefopasev438 ""Weight Limbo, 1,178º"" (Level 1)
Lotfi ""Weight Limbo, 1,176º"" (Level 1)
Brucetieno ""Weight Limbo, 1,199º"" (Level 1)
elelall ""Weight Limbo, 1,197º"" (Level 1)
renfor ""Weight Amateur XIII, 637º"" (Level 1)
Draku ""Weight Limbo, 704º"" (Level 1)
cuervoctm ""Weight Limbo, 752º"" (Level 1)
DANZZ ""Weight Limbo, 770º"" (Level 1)
minhoelmasbonito ""Weight Limbo, 787º"" (Level 1)
Micho999 ""Weight Limbo, 867º"" (Level 1)
ExDany ""Weight Limbo, 902º"" (Level 1)
Chrlisyday ""Weight Limbo, 922º"" (Level 1)
Anver ""Weight Limbo, 953º"" (Level 1)
seiro2 ""Weight Limbo, 1,008º"" (Level 1)
nashevairina ""Weight Limbo, 1,185º"" (Level 1)
pukhovanin ""Weight Limbo, 1,180º"" (Level 1)
olyanbibykova ""Weight Limbo, 1,193º"" (Level 1)
HeinrichfSa ""Weight Amateur XVI, 573º"" (Level 1)
Alexander_Zam ""Weight Limbo, 149º"" (Level 1)
BerwartGab ""Weight Limbo, 359º"" (Level 1)
ochionci ""Weight Limbo, 720º"" (Level 1)
Daniel2506 ""Weight Limbo, 772º"" (Level 1)
JUANKIMAN ""Weight Limbo, 773º"" (Level 1)
Anlamper ""Weight Limbo, 847º"" (Level 1)
TafaldeGaver ""Weight Amateur XIV, 725º"" (Level 1)
Koolt ""Weight Limbo, 878º"" (Level 1)
Korank ""Weight Limbo, 886º"" (Level 1)
matifer ""Weight Limbo, 904º"" (Level 1)
El_Puto_Jaime ""Weight Limbo, 915º"" (Level 1)
Dasrl ""Weight Limbo, 932º"" (Level 1)
MichailZar ""Weight Limbo, 1,175º"" (Level 1)
WernerSa ""Weight Limbo, 1,186º"" (Level 1)
BernardSa ""Weight Amateur XVI, 569º"" (Level 1)
jesusod2 ""Weight Limbo, 1,210º"" (Level 1)
Gonzaga_nk ""Weight Limbo, 214º"" (Level 1)
Casado ""Weight Limbo, 479º"" (Level 1)
Tonayeitor ""Weight Limbo, 714º"" (Level 1)
lamanolotribu ""Weight Limbo, 761º"" (Level 1)
willians45 ""Weight Limbo, 762º"" (Level 1)
Angel_De_La_Fuente ""Weight Limbo, 793º"" (Level 1)
JesusGamer ""Weight Amateur XIV, 739º"" (Level 1)
Juan_Carlos ""Weight Limbo, 855º"" (Level 1)
dereck98 ""Weight Limbo, 863º"" (Level 1)
Sinister__silver ""Weight Limbo, 900º"" (Level 1)
Facundogalean ""Weight Limbo, 898º"" (Level 1)
PEDROPITOPEQUEÑO ""Weight Limbo, 986º"" (Level 1)
freendfrendb ""Weight Limbo, 1,159º"" (Level 1)
bessieta60 ""Weight Limbo, 1,166º"" (Level 1)
Rispnuh ""Weight Limbo, 1,179º"" (Level 1)
XRumerTest ""Weight Limbo, 1,198º"" (Level 1)
mmmaxim ""Weight Limbo, 1,214º"" (Level 1)
nolo997 ""Weight Limbo, 695º"" (Level 1)
perrin ""Weight Limbo, 768º"" (Level 1)
haushinka ""Weight Limbo, 774º"" (Level 1)
Sagigetzu ""Weight Limbo, 820º"" (Level 1)
unaigarcia02 ""Weight Limbo, 817º"" (Level 1)
pelell ""Weight Limbo, 840º"" (Level 1)
ASHLEY ""Weight Limbo, 857º"" (Level 1)
DaNiMuÑoZ ""Weight Limbo, 875º"" (Level 1)
totoacero ""Weight Limbo, 893º"" (Level 1)
mulgeplaype ""Weight Limbo, 938º"" (Level 1)
Savien ""Weight Amateur XV, 233º"" (Level 1)
stefanieqh69 ""Weight Amateur XVI, 537º"" (Level 1)
trusooffdim ""Weight Limbo, 1,171º"" (Level 1)
Zacesebaqoo ""Weight Limbo, 1,184º"" (Level 1)
Phyday ""Weight Limbo, 1,211º"" (Level 1)
AlfredSa ""Weight Amateur XVI, 574º"" (Level 1)