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Date 08-07-10 21:37

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Start the combat for the 698º place of the official League Peso Aficionado.
Today have gathered at the Stadium 211 Camelot freaks boxing.

In the right corner with 41,64 kilos wearing red pants we have Sauronxxx ARGENTINA
His official record is 265 victories with 264 KO`s 4 losses and 0 draws.
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Your official sponsor is Big Krunch

In the left corner with 40 kilos wearing blue pants we have MGomez1970 ESPAÑA
His official record is 6 victories with 1 KO`s 336 losses and 0 draws.
Your unofficial sponsor is Evobas

The boxers exchange sportsmanship a greeting in the center of the ring.
Sauronxxx has taken the position Guardia Mixta, in front of him, MGomez1970 be flagged for Guardia Básica.
Sauronxxx girth gives you a +1,64% damage.
A lighter body allows MGomez1970 an increase of +1,64% to the probability of hitting.

Round 1º

Sauronxxx tries to surprise his opponent with a IZQUIERDAZO looking for the stomach.
MGomez1970 was hit directly (-93 extra kobox punto)
Already you can not hold standing and MGomez1970 falls. (kobox punto)
MGomez1970 awaits the referee count to 4 to get up. (+2 ) (-2 )
The referee is making him some questions to check that he is in good condition.
Sauronxxx turn the hip, a DIRECTO going to the stomach is launched.
Full impact on MGomez1970. (-111 extra kobox punto)
It had to hurt!!!
Already you can not hold standing and MGomez1970 falls. (kobox punto)
MGomez1970 seemed stunned but he´s on his feet at the count of 4. (+2 ) (-2 )
After checking his condition the referee resumes the fight.
The audience cheers to MGomez1970.
MGomez1970 tries to surprise his opponent with a JAB .
Sauronxxx goes back to dodge the blow.
Sauronxxx takes the opportunity to launch a counter. (+6,8% hit probability)
Sauronxxx is removed from the sleeve a DIRECTO .
MGomez1970 has took a good blow (-140 extra kobox punto)
It had to hurt!!!
MGomez1970 can´t hold any longer and falls (kobox punto)
Sauronxxx has won by technical knockout since MGomez1970 has gone to the floor 3 times in the same round.


The battle has ended, in the center of the ring the referee holds the hands of the boxers. He is ready to proclaim the winner.
Sauronxxx is the winner of the match by KO.