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Date 08-07-10 20:25

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Today have gathered at the Stadium 4 Potros_Corzeños freaks boxing.

In the corner right with 41,84 kilos and wearing red pants have to Carlos_Monzon ARGENTINA
His record contains 0 victories with 0 KO, 0 defeats and 0 draws.
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In the left corner with 40,93 kilos wearing blue pants we have cuervazo_19 ESPAÑA
His record contains 0 victories with 0 KO, 0 defeats and 0 draws.
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Carlos_Monzon has taken the position Guardia Básica, in front of him, cuervazo_19 be flagged for Guardia Básica.
Carlos_Monzon girth gives you a +0,91% damage.
A lighter body allows cuervazo_19 an increase of +0,91% to the probability of hitting.

Round 1º

Carlos_Monzon is removed from the sleeve a DERECHAZO .
cuervazo_19 was hit directly (-3 extra kobox punto)
It is sure he´ll become a great puncher
cuervazo_19 falls collapsed to the ground, the referee is approaching. It seems that it will start the countdown. (kobox punto)
cuervazo_19 get on his feets at the count of 6. (+2 ) (-2 )
The referee check his health before resuming the fight.
Without thinking twice Carlos_Monzon takes the initiative and launches a JAB .
Goes throught the guard of cuervazo_19 and hits. (-1 extra kobox punto)
The opponent of Carlos_Monzon see coming a IZQUIERDAZO going to the stomach.
Hits clearly cuervazo_19 (-1 extra kobox punto)
cuervazo_19 collapses. (kobox punto)
cuervazo_19 tries to get up, although that is quite touched, accomplishes this without problems to the 5 account. (+2 ) (-2 )
The referee check his health before resuming the fight.
Carlos_Monzon has led to cuervazo_19 against the ropes. (+50% hit probability)
Carlos_Monzon not drop the pace and throws a JAB .
cuervazo_19 does not react on time and receives the impact. (-1 extra kobox punto)
End of round
Boxers go to their respective corners.
The rythm of the assault has been imposed by Carlos_Monzon.
The judges have ruled 9 extra points for Carlos_Monzon and 4 extra points for cuervazo_19.

17 , 95% , 100% .
4 , 68% , 84% .

Round 2º

Carlos_Monzon tries to surprise his opponent with a IZQUIERDAZO .
It has exploited fully in cuervazo_19. (-6 extra kobox punto)
It has been too much for cuervazo_19 and falls. (kobox punto)
cuervazo_19 grabs the ropes to get up just when the account is on 8. (-2 ) (+2 )
The referee is ready to resume the match.
Carlos_Monzon tries again and again looking for weaknesses to break through.
Carlos_Monzon is removed from the sleeve a IZQUIERDAZO to the chin.
Full impact on cuervazo_19. (-7 extra kobox punto)
Not bad.
cuervazo_19 tries to hold on to the ropes but falls. (kobox punto)
Carlos_Monzon has won by technical knockout since cuervazo_19 has accumulated 4 falls throughout the match.


The battle has ended, in the center of the ring the referee holds the hands of the boxers. He is ready to proclaim the winner.
Carlos_Monzon is the winner of the match by KO.